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From Your Imagination To Reality

Kitchens Made To Delight

We work with you every step of the way from your imagination, through design and construction, in order to successfully bring your ideas into reality – made just how YOU want them!

We understand your kitchen is a personal space that you want to transform into something spectacular. That’s why we work with our clients one-on-one and tailor every design, from style options down to the colour of their cabinets – so they can have an amazing new cooking area without breaking any bank!

We offer affordable and professional service that will meet any budget requirement while providing quality workmanship guaranteed to last!  Start your kitchen renovation journey with a no-obligation quote from Independent Cabinetmaker today.

Amazing Before and After Renovations

Kitchen renovations can be one of the most expensive investments that homeowners make, but they are also proven to add value when selling your home.  When you’re looking for a change, it is important that your kitchen renovation be done right. A full gut makeover will bring new life into an old space while light refreshments can rejuvenate what has been there before with more modern amenities and design elements. We’ve gathered some amazing before and after images that showcase our kitchen designs, helping you find inspiration for your next home renovation.

Before kitchen renovation
After kitchen renovation
Rental kitchen reno before
Rental Kitchen reno after
Grey and white kitchen before
Grey and white kitchen

Neat and Compact - Before & After

Stunning Clean Look Oxford Blue Kitchen

With integrated fridge and dishwasher, hideaway laundry and office and storage

White Rock Makeover



Stunning Shaker Style Kitchen

The shaker style is a classic that never goes out of fashion. It’s perfect for people who live in older homes, and enjoy this traditional look. But the truth is, a shaker kitchen works in just about any design – from modern and contemporary to more traditional Hamptons or provincial you’d normally associate with these beautiful cabinets.

Shakers have been around since the late 1700s and were first popularised by an obscure religious sect. They’re elegant, simple to use with versatility in mind – perfect for any home cook! Shaker furniture is still around, but it’s not the same as before.  Modern advancements have transformed shakers by giving them more options for finishing and colour combinations that were never available in earlier centuries.

Kitchen Gallery

Delightful Queenslander

Stunning Timber Benchtops


Incorporating a pantry in your kitchen can really help you save time and money by eliminating the need to go out shopping every week. Not only will it cut down on petrol, but it also reduces stress from searching around town for what you need when all of these items are within arm’s reach right in your home.

A successful pantry design is all about optimised storage. Well-thought-out storage space means that the pantry has enough room for all of your food needs with optimal location and accessibility. It’s important to consider how much you are storing when designing this area because if there isn’t adequate space, then it may be difficult or even impossible find what we need when our shelves start looking like they’re about ready collapse under their own weight.

It is essential that the pantry blends in with your kitchen design and suits you, so it’s important that we work closely together on how best to use space so as not have things cluttered or overwhelming at all times! We will provide you with the latest pantry trends and ideas, so that your pantry is a great new addition to your kitchen.

Barbeque & Mobile Island

Useful Tips

5 Simple tips to consider before you start your kitchen reno

Style is an important element of your new kitchen.  It’s the first impression for your family and guests – and for you, every time you enter. 

But beware of confusing style with design.  Style is about packaging.  Design is about solving problems and reducing work.  It’s what’s behind that stylish exterior that will ultimately determine your enjoyment and lasting satisfaction, and the true value you gain from your investment.

Have you ever calculated just how many hours you spend in your kitchen every day?  Even more revealing, how much of that time is spent on unnecessary work caused by poor design?  Regardless of style?  Simple things, like constantly criss-crossing your kitchen to prepare food.  Or double-handling your crockery.

It’s possible to cut the time you spend in your kitchen by up to half . . . time you could spend doing the things you never seem to have time for in your busy day.

Here are 5 simple tips to ensure that you have a kitchen that does the work for you – not the other way around!

Make Sure Your Designer Is Certified

Unqualified, inexperienced sales people can be trained to place pre-fab (flat pack) cabinets around your kitchen walls. That’s not design. That’s creating problems, not solving them.

Focus On True Value

If you get a bargain-priced kitchen, but have to work twice as hard to make it work at all, or it starts falling apart, where’s the value? Intelligent consumers save money where it really counts: on mass-produced components of their kitchen, like appliances, fittings, floor coverings, paint wallpaper and tiles. They refuse to compromise on quality or value-for-money when it comes to critical design and construction of their new kitchen.

Eliminate Unnecessary Risk

You need to be in control of the creation of your new kitchen at every stage, from design to construction and installation. We put you in control by providing you with reliable information and constant feedback on the progress of your project.

Get The Best Professional Advice

It’s the things you can't see that make the real difference between delight and despair when it comes to actually living with your new design every day, especially long-term.

It’s All In Your Kitchen Layout

The ultimate difference between a great kitchen and an ordinary one isn’t the finishes or styling. It’s the layout: whether it eases your work load, streamlines your work flow and helps you achieve satisfaction and enjoyment.

It can be hard to know what is right for your home, but thankfully there are some experts out there who have the experience and knowledge. Derek will help you every step of way with any questions or concerns that arise during this process – don’t hesitate in contacting him!